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2016 is the Year of Champions! 

Work with us... Become a Champion!!


In 2014 and 2015, 90% of our clients WON their respective division.  



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Are you ready to take your cheerleading program to the next level? 
We are!! 
Welcome to the DanceCheerMove website, your cheerleading choreography experts. Whether you are building a new cheerleading program, taking your current program to the competitive level, or merely looking for an infusion of fresh and innovative cheerleading choreography, you have come to the right place!  We will travel to you for a choreography camp or a customized skills camp, or arrange for a team building trip to Savannah, GA and ork with our cheerleading experts at a state of the art gym and/or beach.  
Enjoy our website, and we hope to hear from you very soon!

Shazi Edmonds
Owner: DanceCheerMove & Crowned Elite Athletics

Personal Trainer to a number of Celebrities such as Paula Deen and Ruby Gettinger. 2009-Present 
Personal Trainer and Choreographer on Style Network's Hit Reality Show "Ruby"

NCA Head Instructor 2001-2005

3 Time NCA All-American Cheerleader
National Cheerleader's Association (NCA) Instructor 1999 - 2005

Coached and Choreographed 20+ All-Star Squads to a National Championship Victory

Coached and Choreographed 80+ High School Squads to a State or Region Championship Victory
Coached and Choreographed 8 Individual Routines to a National Championship Victory

3 European Championships UK and Norway

Captain for GSU cheerleading squad 2001 - 2004
Cheer South All-Star Coach 1999 - 2004
Cheered for MGA All-Star Cheer Extreme 1996 - 1999
AAU State Gymnastics All-Around Champion
Jr. Olympian Gymnast



With so many cheerleading organizations and companies out there, how do you choose the one that will best meet your squad's needs?  When looking at cheerleading camp, cheerleading clinic, or choreography businesses, always take into consideration their mission and philosophy, level of expertise, and flexibilty in providing a program that will accomplish your comprensive goals! 

No two cheerleading businesses are alike!  Make sure you speak to a senior director, or the business owner, to discuss key topics such as cheer camp curriculum, cheer clinic criteria, and choreography design.  With the right instructors and a flexible curriculum, a cheerleading camp or cheerleading clinic can truly take your squad from good to great! 

We encourage you to call us to discuss your squad's goals and how we can hand tailor a cheerleading camp, choreography routine, or cheerleading clinic to meet your squad's every need. 
Cheerleading Choreographer based out of Savannah, GA * Best Cheerleading Choreography in Georgia *  Cheer Choreography for Champions

Selecting a Cheerleading Choroegrapher

1.  Check their references.  Cheerleading choreographers get new jobs by word of mouth or by someone seeing examples of their work.  If you hear about a choreographer from someone that has worked with them, be sure to ask questions about the quality of work and the overall experience.  Be sure to ask for references.  There are many talented people that work as choreographers in this business.  There are far fewer that are completely responsible and work as true professionals.  Be sure to do your homework and check a choreographer’s references!

2. Check their credentials.   Up until a few years ago, it was almost impossible to be credentialed as a cheer professional.  That is not the case any longer.  Certification by the USASF and ACCAA are easily attainable for anyone professional enough to want them, and responsible enough to get them.  Be sure to ask what credentials, if any, a person has.

3. Check their familiarity with the style in which you are looking.  Success at one competition and style does not guarantee success at all competitions.  Make sure that your person is familiar with your competition schedule.

4. Make sure that they can work with your age group/skill level.  Really good cheerleading choreographers are versatile, but some have preferences for the age groups or skill levels with which they work.  There are many different kinds of coaches/choreographers, and some just don’t have the patience and temperament to work with younger cheerleaders or those with little to no experience.  It is not difficult to find many people willing to choreograph Level 5 All Stars or an extremely talented high school team.  It is much harder to find someone willing to work with a Level 1 Mini team or a brand new middle school squad. 

5. Be clear about your expectations.  Make sure that you get a clear explanation of what you are getting for the money that you are paying.  Is music included?  How many hours of instruction are included?  Contracts are uncommon in this industry, but make sure that you get details of your arrangement in writing.  Also, be sure to detail everything that you expect from your cheer choreographer with regards to your routine.  Make sure that they are aware of any rules or guidelines that are specific to the competitions at which you will be competing.  Be clear  about how many 8-counts that you want.  If they are supplying your music, give them music suggestions the first day so that they will have time to incorporate them into your routine.

6. Handle as many of the responsibilities as possible. The more details that you can handle for a cheerleading choreographer, the more effective they will be.  Make sure that everything is ready – hotel, rental car, etc. - for them once they arrive. Most choreographers work many camps during the summer and live out of a suitcase. Anything that you can do to make their time with you easier will allow them to focus more on your squad and routine.

7. Keep a reasonable schedule. Have realistic expectations for your choreographer and your cheerleaders. No one does their best work after 9 hours of instruction. No cheerleader can focus effectively all day long. 6-7 hours in a single day is a long day for a choreographer or a high school cheerleader of any age. Consider the age and experience of your cheerleaders and schedule your camp hours accordingly. Schedule appropriate breaks between sessions. Remember, that your cheer choreographer will be at their best if they are well rested and have had time to decompress between practices.

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